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Key Systems

Key Systems


Key Systems

As part of our service we can offer Keyed alike & Master key systems. These can of course, for added security be put on a registered section.

Keying Alike And Master key Systems This is an ideal solution to concerns of landlords, office managers and even large companies concerned about security.

    • Keying alike
      More than one lock can be operated by the same key.
      Examples of use
      Set of offices, padlocks, gates where it is convenient for operators to only need one key for all doors. Also if you have many entrances to your property e.g. Front door, Back door, French doors, Patio door and internal door from your Garage think how much easier it would be if all these locks could be operated with one key.
    • Master Keyed
      A group of cylinders, normally all to differ and all operated by their own individual key, all cylinders can be overridden and operated by a master key.
      Examples of use
      Care takers, Maintenance engineers, cleaners, security guards and section chiefs.
    • Grand Master Keyed
      Master keys operate within their own group of cylinders whereas the grand master key can operate all the cylinders in all the groups.
      Examples of use
      Areas of restricted access, E.G Maintenance man can have access via master key of low level security rooms but not others whereas security guards have grand master key to access all areas.
  • Registered Section
    The profile of the key is unique to the customer and therefore it is impossible for staff etc to obtain extra keys only the designated signatories can order additional keys thus retaining security levels.Of course this is mechanical security the other option is electrical access control.
For these services we supply and fit Mul-T-Lock systems.
Mul-T-Lock is a world leader in the design and manufacture of master key systems for many needs and purposes.
Mul-T-Lock’s master key systems offer several major benefits for end-users:
Overloaded key rings are replaced by a single master key.
The main master key enables system managers to open every door in the system – while other users are provided with keys that only open specific doors.
A wide range of Mul-T-Lock products – such as cylinders for the user’s home, office and vehicle – may be incorporated into a single master key system, controlled by one key.
There is always a trade-off between security and convenience.
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